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Fresh Organic Vegetables


A regenerative, sustainable, pasture based farm since 2019.

Crazytown Farms strives to provide our community a variety of top quality products at competitive prices. Our mission has been to create an experience that customers of all ages can enjoy. 

Did you know shopping local reduces environmental impact? Our family owned farm makes our purchases locally helping to reduce our carbon footprint, and more importantly helping other small local, family farms all while supporting the communities we serve. 

By supporting our farm, not only are you getting fresh produce and meats, you help support innovation quality jobs, and more personable customer service. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!


As our children were growing up and we wanted to surprise them on trips we would always tell them we were going to Crazytown. When we decided to create the farm and live a more sustainable life we thought we would go crazy doing so. Turns out we were already there!

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